New Trends In Email Marketing.

2017 is going to change the game when it comes to email marketing. In the past it was easy to just rigorously click through emails and mark them as junk, spam, or just delete them all together. Now that we are moving into a new era of tech, it will no longer be possible to ignore emails from marketers so easily.

Why is this?

Well because marketers are changing their approach and technology is about to make email marketing a whole lot easier.

1. Automation and AI are key.

Artificial intelligence is going to take all of the back work out of email marketing. It is predicted that emails will basically be sent by robots in a fashion that doesn’t overload recipients and analyzes new marketing opportunities daily so marketers don’t have to. Automation will also be controlled by AI, eliminating some of the kinks and annoyance associated will current email automation.

2. Design is everything.

Not only are we looking at a new era of email deliverance, but also email design. Top researchers have predicted that making emails more interactive will increase engagement. This will be done by incorporating videos, quizzes, and surveys for the recipient to participate in.

3. Content, content, CONTENT!

Can I say it one more time? Content…. In the new world of email marketing content is going to be more personalized and reach recipients through video. Why video? Video is easy to make, costs less, and creates a more personalized experience. Video has proven to be the best way to reach audiences over all social platforms.

I would consider email social and very personal. Your email is like a secret little box where you receive anything from “how to” articles and “20% everything” coupons. Personalizing an email to market to consumers is genius. I’m already seeing it myself when I receive an email from LuLu’s clothing boutique that starts off by addressing me personally and then says “you might like these picks we’ve chosen for you!” I’m like wow! They really know my style. I think that the new email marketing trends will help to reduce the annoyance of spam, improve automation, and create a more personalized space for recipients. My gmail filters out spam and junk mail automatically but I still have to see on my side bar that I have 1,000 junk emails to delete. Hopefully these new systems will eliminate the need for a spam folder and just give me the hyper personalized emails I want and enjoy!

These are just some of the email marketing trends that are going to come to light in 2017. For more email marketing predications check out the link below!

A Curated Look at 134 Email Marketing Predictions

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